Performance: Circle Track, Truck & Tractor Pulling

Circle Track Racing Engines


Whether you want just the machining performed, or the complete racing engine, ready to install, Baxter Engines can accommodate you. We've got racers on staff and have years of experience developing legal engines for a variety of sanctioning bodies.

Email with your specific needs!

We're in the WISSOTA region and our circle track specialties include:

Late Models & Limited Lates • Modifieds & Limited Mods 
Super Stocks • Street Stocks • Pure Stocks

puller eng

Truck/Tractor Pulling Engines

We understand the extreme power you need when Truck or Tractor Pulling is your passion.

We build big, nasty, powerful pulling engines for all classes and weights: from Stock to Modified!

Call Baxter Engines or email us as and we'll put together a powerful package for you!

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